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Range Information

The Firing Line offers 25 yard shooting lanes with automatic targeting systems. We allow all pistols and pistol-caliber rifles with the exception of .460s&w and .500s&w. 22lr and 22mag are also allowed in both pistols and long guns. We do not allow any shotguns in our range.

Unlike most ranges, at The Firing Line you can use your own ammunition, or purchase ammunition from our store. You will find our ammunition very competitively priced. All ammuiton is subject to inspection before entering the range. We will not allow any ammunition that sticks to a magnet.

We offer rental guns for those looking to learn, or try out a new firearm. Rentals are only $15.00 for all the firearms within a particular caliber. When shooting our rental firearms, you must always shoot The Firing Line's ammunition, no exceptions. To rent one of our firearms, you must either bring in a firearm with you, or you must bring in another person to go shooting with you. If you are alone, and did not bring a firearm with you, we will not rent to you.

You will find our range is very well lit and ventilated to ensure a safe and comfortable shooting environment.

We offer a wide variety of firearms training. If you are a beginner looking to further your skills, or you have never handled a firearm, we have the right class for you. We allow minors to participate in our handgun classes so long as they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Rental firearms are available to those that do not have a gun, or maybe looking to try out something new. Our rentals are $15.00 per caliber with discounts being offered to our annual and montly members. We also offer free rentals to all active duty military.


Please use the link at the bottom of this page to open the electronic waiver. You may fill out the waiver prior to coming down to shoot. Once you have completed the waiver, you will be in our system for a period of one year. Please make sure to have your photo ID with you when you come to shoot.

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