Firearm Rentals

We have a great selection of rental firearms ranging from .22LR rifles, revolvers, and lots of semi-automatic pistols. Rentals are $10.00 for a caliber plus the cost of ammunition (no outside ammunition allowed in rental guns). Shooters may shoot all of the guns within one caliber, without having to pay for each and every gun. This makes trying out lots of firearms fun and affordable.

We do have a two person minimum to rent a firearm. We will not rent a firearm to anyone who comes in by themselves and has not brought a firearm of their own (only exception is a shooter coming with their own firearm(s).

Take a look below at the great selection of firearms currently in-stock and ready to be rented.

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Armscor Precision

Rock Island 1911 Ultra Match 5" 45acp


Buckmark Contour URX 22lr


34 (9mm tactical)

17 (9mm full-size)

19 (9mm compact)

26 (9mm sub-compact)

35 (40s&w tactical)

22 (40s&w full-size)

23 (40s&w compact)

27 (40s&w sub-compact)

21sf (45acp full-size)

30sf (45acp sub-compact)

20sf (10mm full-size



Ultra CDP II 3" 45acp

Eclipse Pro II 4" 45acp

Custom TLE/RL 5" 45acp

Custom Stainless II 5" 9mm

Eclipse Custom II 5" 10mm

K6S (ns) 357mag

Smith & Wesson

Model 317 3" 22lr

Model 617 4" 22lr


M&P Shield9

M&P Shield9 w/APEX Kit


M&P Shield40

MP Bodyguard 38special

Model 642 1.875" 38spl

Model 637 1.875" 38spl

Model 66 2.75" 357mag

Model 60 3" 357mag

Model 686 PLUS 3" 357mag

Model 686 PLUS 4" 357mag

Model 627PC V-Comp 357mag



92FS M9

PX4 Storm 9mm


CZ 75 SP-01 (9mm)

CZ 75B 4.6" (40sw)



Firestorm 380

Fabrique & Nationale

Five-Seven 5.7x28


Heckler & Koch

USP9 V1 Compact 9mm

USP9 V1 4.25" 9mm (coming soon)

P2000SK V3 9mm

P2000 V3 3.66" 9mm (coming soon)

USP40 V1 Compact 40sw (coming soon)

USP 40 V1 4.25" 40sw (coming soon)

P2000SK V3 40sw

P2000 V3 3.66" 40sw (coming soon)

USP45 V1 Compact 45acp

USP45 V1 4.4" 45acp



P380 (380acp)

PM9 (9mm)

PM40 (40sw)

P9 (9mm)





Sig Sauer


P238-TSS 380acp

SP2022 9mm 

P229 9mm

P226 9mm

SP2022 40sw

P220 4.4" 45acp

Springfield Armory


XD9 Tactical

XD9 Service

XD9 Sub-Compact

EMP 1911 9mm 3" 

1911 Target 5" SS 9mm

XD40 Tactical

XD40 Service

XD40 Sub-Compact

XD45 Compact

XD45 Service

1911 Loaded 5" BLK 45acp

1911 Operator Marine 5" 45acp

1911 TRP 5" 45acp

P22CA 3.4" 22lr (black)

P22CA 3.4" 22lr (military green)

P22CA 3.4" 22lr (angel blue)